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this is what sam fucking pepper tweeted out to his 1.16 million twitter followers today

in this fucking piece of trash video he walks around on the street harassing and groping women and tries to play it off as a prank, when the women are very obviously uncomfortable with the situation

he is vile human garbage!!! who also made a video at venice beach like two years ago where he made out with women without their consent! wow!

AND he somehow allowed to attend vidcon 2014? like???? holy fuck????

fuck sam pepper!! honestly what a shitbag, he’s poisonous to our communities and should be vehemently rejected from every online space

i’m gonna make a prank video called “beat up la prank vloggers”


5 miles in 5:31 pace omg i left my house at 4 am but so worth it, night everyone! !!!!!!


Why do we have blood types?

More than a century after their discovery, we still don’t know what blood groups like O, A and B are for. Do they really matter? Carl Zimmer investigates.

When my parents informed me that my blood type was A+, I felt a strange sense of pride. If A+ was the top grade in school, then surely A+ was also the most excellent of blood types – a biological mark of distinction.

It didn’t take long for me to recognise just how silly that feeling was and tamp it down. But I didn’t learn much more about what it really meant to have type A+ blood. By the time I was an adult, all I really knew was that if I should end up in a hospital in need of blood, the doctors there would need to make sure they transfused me with a suitable type.

And yet there remained some nagging questions. Why do 40% of Caucasians have type A blood, while only 27% of Asians do? Where do different blood types come from, and what do they do? To get some answers, I went to the experts – to haematologists, geneticists, evolutionary biologists, virologists and nutrition scientists.

In 1900 the Austrian physician Karl Landsteiner first discovered blood types, winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research in 1930. Since then scientists have developed ever more powerful tools for probing the biology of blood types. They’ve found some intriguing clues about them – tracing their deep ancestry, for example, and detecting influences of blood types on our health. And yet I found that in many ways blood types remain strangely mysterious. Scientists have yet to come up with a good explanation for their very existence.

Transfusion confusion

My knowledge that I’m type A comes to me thanks to one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine. Because doctors are aware of blood types, they can save lives by transfusing blood into patients. But for most of history, the notion of putting blood from one person into another was a feverish dream.

Renaissance doctors mused about what would happen if they put blood into the veins of their patients. Some thought that it could be a treatment for all manner of ailments, even insanity. Finally, in the 1600s, a few doctors tested out the idea, with disastrous results. A French doctor injected calf’s blood into a madman, who promptly started to sweat and vomit and produce urine the colour of chimney soot. After another transfusion the man died.

Such calamities gave transfusions a bad reputation for 150 years. Even in the 19th Century only a few doctors dared try out the procedure. One of them was a British physician named James Blundell. Like other physicians of his day, he watched many of his female patients die from bleeding during childbirth. After the death of one patient in 1817, he found he couldn’t resign himself to the way things were.

“I could not forbear considering, that the patient might very probably have been saved by transfusion” he later wrote.

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Post leg day lunch. Baked salmon, quinoa, steamed broccoli and green beans over a bed of spinach. With a mango, strawberry, and kiwi smoothie.

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Good for you. Want a cookie

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i love this 

I will never stop reblogging this. 

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"i shouldn’t eat this" I say as I shove it into my mouth

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Dali’S Bad Dream Party

Photographer: Hansel Mieth

(the infamous Surrealist party thrown by Salvador Dali and Gala Dali at the Del Monte Lodge in Pebble Beach, California in 1941) [X]

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Managed to get on the mat today, managed to relax a little, and managed to revamp my website’s layout! 😊 Do check it out, and let me know what you think! Happy weekend! 💚 (at

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Don’t just do the pose. Feel the pose.

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Have you ever said so much bullshit you were actually shocked anyone believed you?

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